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Ending the Plastic in Food Delivery with Innovative Packaging

The online food delivery market is expected to reach $90.97 billion by 2030. One of the main factors that will affect the market’s growth is the use of single-use plastic packaging. Despite efforts to reduce plastic consumption, most of the material ends up in the water and landfills.

Industry experts say that by 2050 the world will be producing three times as much plastic as we do today, in other words, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans, according to the World Economic Forum. Responding to these figures, major corporations have committed to reduce their plastic waste, but change has been slow due to the lack of functional and sustainable solutions.

MOSS (Modern Sustainable Solutions) addresses the problem by introducing the world’s most advanced molded fiber cell technology. A sustainable bagasse packaging that acts like plastic but leaves zero waste.


Moss anti-leak bagasse eco-friendly bowl


Engineered to give the best experience in food delivery, MOSS’ revolutionary anti-leak bagasse packaging takes care of your food while putting high value on customer experience. The new line of compostables is among the first in its class to provide an anti-leak solution with a corresponding snap-fit lid to prevent spills. Consequently, MOSS’ anti-leak range is made out of plant-based fibers that are classified as Type 4 Molded Fiber, which is the classification for the highest quality of Molded Fiber packaging. It is a mixture of sugarcane bagasse (i.e., the pulp after extraction), bamboo, wood pulp and wheat straw.

Through the use of patented technology, one that outperforms traditional machines across all parameters, MOSS is able to distribute compostable packaging with complex geometries, functions at high efficiency, and offers them at a low cost!

The goal here is to provide the technology to reboot packaging in our food system to reduce waste and carbon emissions while also helping food companies thrive in an increasingly delivery-driven system.



Pioneering sustainability while valuing stakeholders and customer experience in mind is MOSS’ mission. By providing alternatives that are both eco-friendly and functional, the company paves the way for industry leaders to progress towards the advancement of the world’s circular economy.

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