Terms and Conditions

MOSS is a SEC-registered company focused on bridging the gap between society and sustainable technologies. Beginning with compostable packaging, MOSS is spearheading the switch from plastic to functional packaging through its excellent technologies and biodegradable materials.

MOSS exists to offer solutions that meet the demand of functionality and sustainability.

We wanted to do things differently. One brand might have been doing something first, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do it better. Our goal is to provide the best alternatives for you and the planet.

Our office is open Mondays – Fridays from 9:00AM to 5:00PM

Our warehouse is located in Matandang Balara, QC.

We heard the problems companies had with most sustainable packaging. They don’t hold soupy dishes well, they require tape to secure the lid and they sag fast. We wanted to offer a more realistic solution. That’s where our anti-leak bagasse comes in!

Our anti-leak range has the following properties:
– Anti-leak / spill-proof (no tape required!)
– Comes with a snap-fit lid for extra security
– Type-IV molded fiber, the highest quality of bagasse
– Certified compostable in 180 days

Yes, our products are compostable in 180 days.

Our items carry certifications that are globally recognized to ensure our customers have full confidence that they are the best alternatives for the planet.

All product offerings are VAT inclusive.

Our MOQ for wholesale price starts at 1 case / SKU! Quantities would depend on the SKU you are purchasing. For more info on wholesale orders, please email inquire@moss.pjh

We offer our packaging in smaller packs, too! You can visit our shopee page (https://shopee.ph/get.moss) and order directly from there.

At the moment, we only have spill-proof food bowls and boxes with sizes from 500mL – 1000mL.

Our MOQ for custom cups start at 1,000pcs! There will be a one-time plate fee that will depend on the design of your cup.

To know more about our branding guidelines, kindly email inquire@moss.ph.

Lead time to process your customize cups is from 10-15 business days (depending on the queue we have for our printing machine) after order is confirmed.

MOSS can customize molded fiber according to your requirements.

The typical volume for bagasse custom solutions project ranges upwards of 1-2 million units / production run. To know more about out custom solution, kindly email inquire@moss.ph

No need to worry because we ship nationwide! We are in partnership with several third-party couriers and it is our goal to ensure you get the lowest price possible to ship your items.

On another note, you can purchase from our shopee account and shopee will sort out the logistics for you.

Yes, we allow pick-ups at our warehouse. Kindly coordinate with your account manager and request for a pick-up schedule at least a day before your preferred date.

Our Compostable Seal Bags and Stand-Up pouch will be available Q4 of 2022.

If you have any other questions or clarification, feel free to reach us at inquire@moss.ph.