What is Molded Fiber?

Molded Fiber Products are made of 100% compostable agricultural waste and other sourced biomass that reduces the use of paper and plastic alternatives. Though wood pulp was the original source of most molded fiber, it has been replaced by plant materials like wheat straw, bamboo, sorghum, and others. As crops are harvested, there is always a portion of material left behind that can’t be used for anything else hence, molded fiber it’s made largely using crop ‘waste.’ 

Started as a patent filed in 1903, molded fiber itself has seen significant changes since its invention. Now referred to as “new technology”, this type of food packaging has met the demands of functionality while also protecting our earth by being the sustainable alternative. It may seem strange that the first plastic wasn’t patented until 1907, making molded fiber an older technology than plastic.

Advances in machines and putting innovation into play, the technologies present are much closer to competing with plastics on cost and functionality. MOSS pioneers these sustainable technologies and ensures these are made available across all business sectors.

Where Raw Meets Innovation: Most Advanced Molded Fiber Technology

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Patented technology delivers faster cycle times, higher yield and ability to produce complex products


Proprietary software integrating brand owners, manufacturers, suppliers and vendors

Research & Development

R&D, material science, design & rapid prototyping, sales & distribution, supply chain solutions

Revolutionary Anti-leak Experience
We are making the unthinkable possible. Ideal for food delivery, our patented compostable bagasse anti-leak range aims to eliminate plastics and styrofoam from entering our waterways and landfills, while giving you the functionality you demand.

Functional & Performs like Plastic
Biodegradable food packaging solutions engineered to give you the functionality your business demands and the sustainability the earth deserves.

Product Variety
A product offering to satisfy all your food packaging needs; including a team of industry experts, dedicated in in-house design and prototyping for any customized products

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing
Innovated beyond traditional fibre manufacturing techniques to deliver precision geometry never before possible, all at a competitive price.

Dependable Supply Chain
A global manufacturing network and supply chain management system enables best-in-class fulfillment in Asia. 

Anti-Leak Spill-Proof Eco-Friendly Compostable Biodegradable Round Takeout Bowl Container

The demand in functionality from food packaging is not an exhaustive list: structural design, durability, storage space, leak-proof, and with snap-tight container closure. MOSS provides these solutions and qualities in a cost-effective and ethically-manufactured way.